Aims and Scope

Legumes (chickpea, lentil, beans, mung bean, faba bean, pea, pigeon pea and grass pea) are considered as one of the most important groups of crops rich in protein, and the second most important human food source after cereals. These crops, having the ability to biologically fix nitrogen, play a significant role in improving soil fertility. Legumes are cultivated in rotation with many crops and thus, they have a special place in sustainable agriculture. These species have low expectations and are suitable for cultivation in low input cropping systems. They also could be cultivated as cover crops that they are effective in preventing soil erosion. The set of these features has placed legumes in a valuable position from agricultural, ecological, and environmental point of view.

To encourage coordination among scientific society and research centers, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, in cooperation with other academic and research centers of the country, has started publishing the scientific journal "Iranian Journal of pulse Research" with the aim of publishing the achievements of the country's researchers on legumes. It is hoped that this journal will provide a suitable platform for scientific interaction regarding legume crops.

Iranian Journal of Pulses Research” is a scientific and peer reviewed journal that has been regularly published semi-annually (two issues per year) since June 2010.

This specialized Journal publishing the results of legume research in various fields, including agronomy, breeding, biotechnology, ecophysiology, response to biotic and abiotic stresses, medicinal characteristics, food industry, agricultural economics, mechanization, etc., in the form of research articles after blind peer reviewed.